What's in a Heart?

 What's in a heart? Hearts carry so much meaning without words.

Hearts are Universal

A Heart is a recognisable symbol worldwide and bypasses the need for language. 

A quick search on the internet, tells us that the Heart Symbol goes back centuries, and in many different cultures, all symbolising love in some way.

Think Welsh Love Spoons, Claddagh rings, initials on a tree, a heart can say so much more than words.

Hearts in every kind of style

Hearts can be very simple or complex in their design. Drawn, carved, painted, etched or sewn. Employing every imaginable creative technique and style.

From a line in the sand that will be washed away by the tide to something more permanent like a stone carving or tattoo.

Text shorthand

A heart emoji used in text speak, is always open to interpretation but usually meant along the caring lines.

With the various colours are said to carry a meaning different meaning -

  • Red:  Love and romance
  • Yellow: Friendship love
  • Blue:  Trust and security
  • Green: Health, nature and hope


Hearts easily slip into our home decoration, be it in textiles, ornaments or imagery. They are inoffensive and easy to live with .


In manifesting terms, if you want to attract more love into your life, bring in more hearts into your home.

We see a heart image and know both subconsciously and consciously that it represents love.

Who doesn't want more love in their lives?

Blue Blue Electric Blue Heart - original by Sue Davies

Art with Heart

I've been drawn to a Heart shape in my art time and again. I love them! 

I'd try a different style of art, then Hearts pull me back again and again, added to which I create art with love so its a very natural marriage, Art with Heart is my 'thing' in both senses of the phrase.

I feel so much love when I'm creating Art, incorporating Heart symbology is natural expression for me.

As far as my art is concerned, I love incorporating Hearts into my art, either as the main design or as part of the image.

My Art energetically transmits Love to the viewer. Hearts in all sorts of colour-ways; some soft and blended, others bold and striking.

Art with Heart as originals and prints.

I particularly love to create Art with Heart on a commission basis, something personal for that owner, designed to their own personal preferences.

What can I create for you? Please get in touch and let's bring more love into your world.


Sue x

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Sue Davies Art

As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background in the health and well-being sectors.

Her experience as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach is still evident.

Mixed in with a abundance of life experiences.

Sue is passionate about Art as a tool for personal well-being and personal growth. Making statement art with a visual impact and love.

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