To frame, or not to frame? That is the Question

To frame, or not to frame? That is the Question

Sue Davies

It's always a question that hangs in the air, to frame or not to frame?

Yes, I certainly could frame my art.  Choosing the style and colour that I think matches the art.

The downsides of selling my art framed.

The downsides of selling my art framed are several.

My choice of frame may not match the decor of the customer or be to their taste. As in colour, material and style.

The weight of the frame would increase the postage costs, so much so that I would need to add postage as an extra cost rather than include it in the price.

It would be a such a waste if the frame I paid for would be wasted. I aim for my business to be as sustainable as possible.

Contemporary style

The canvases I use are deep edged, gallery wrapped canvases, so they are already very tidy around the sides.

I paint the edges with a toning colour, giving a contemporary finish to the art.

The benefits of selling my art unframed

There are many benefits to my art being sold unframed.

Framing isn't required as hanging fittings are already attached to the canvas. 

The choice of framing or not is left to the personal taste of the buyer.

I am able to include the postage costs (within the UK) for my art, in the purchase price.

Customer choice

Should the buyer wish to have the art work framed, their local framer will be able to advise them.

What's your preference?

What's your choice, framed or unframed? I'd love to hear, hit reply and let me know.

Sue xx

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Sue Davies Art

As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background of over 3 decades of Personal and Spiritual growth practice.

Sue also worked in the health and well-being sectors for over 20 years.

Her experience as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach is still evident, mixed in with an abundance of her own life experiences.

Sue uses her Art as a point of connection between the human experience and The (all-loving) Universe*.

* Spirit, Energy, Light, God or whatever you want to call the loving energy that is all around us.