Reiki infused Art for Healing & Inspiration

Unique Reiki Healing Art created by Sue Davies - Reiki Master Teacher.

Bring inspiration, calmness and tranquility into your home or treatment space.

Eco and Shipping Policies

The impact I have on my environment and on this beautiful planet is important to me. I reduce - reuse - recycle where I can, so those considerations also apply to the creation of my Art.

I also like things straightforward, so I include Free shipping within the UK in my prices.

Please check out details for EU and Rest of the World. Shipping Policy is in the Footer menu.

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Sue Davies, creator of exquisite healing art. Inspired by connections to the beautiful loving energies in the unseen. Reiki, Healing, Angels and Spirit Guides

Reiki meets Art

Reiki is my passion and has been my constant companion since 1997 and as a Master Teacher since 2000.

I bring my 22+ years of experience as a Reiki Master Teacher to art, creating Reiki Healing Art, infusing art with gorgeous Reiki.

I had dabbled in Art over the years and loved it, though had kept thinking "I'll do that later....." with no idea about when the later would be. The disruption of the Covid pandemic gave me the opportunity.

During that time I also experienced 3 devastating losses (death of my brother, mum and my sister) in just 17 months, it was an enormous wake up call for me. It was time to follow my heart with art.

Reiki and Art continue to support me and my personal healing.

I hope you will enjoy bringing Reiki into your space via my Art creations,

Also, that I may support you on your Reiki Journey.

Read more of my story here

Prices for all Pockets

It's important to me to offer a variety of price ranges with all of my offerings.

Prints start from just £18 up to full priced Originals artworks, with lots of options in-between.

Bringing Peace, Harmony and Healing into your space is my priority.

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