Sue Davies is an emerging acrylic contemporary painter, who channels a profound spiritual connection into her art.

Inspired by the unseen energy of healing and etherial light, blending vibrant colours with textured gold accents.

Her work is a statement of art designed to lift hearts, nourish and heal souls, inviting viewers to connect with the magic of the Universe.

Through her unique style, Sue creates an immersive experience where boundaries between seen and unseen dissolve.

Your Inner Light Collection

Connecting you to the Light of All-that-is, that radiates through and around you.

Art to Lift your Heart and Soul.

Original artworks on canvas by Shropshire Artist, Sue Davies ©.

Prices include postage within the UK.

Shropshire Artist Sue Davies, creates healing Art to Lift your Heart at

Sue Davies

Embracing my extensive background in various energy and healing modalities, together with a deep spiritual connection, I translate energy into Art.

Through my art I aim to uplift and inspire, reminding you of your inner light and your connection to the unseen.

Bringing light, colour and joy into life is essential for our wellbeing.

Each brush stroke on the canvas is imbued with intention, inviting you to connect with your own inner radiance and the beauty that surrounds you.

You are here for a reason lovely one, and I hope my art assists in connecting to your most amazing self and to shine, magnificently!

Sue translates Energy into Art

Sue Davies, Shropshire Artist available for commissions


Would you like me to create something bespoke for you?

You can choose the size, colour-way, theme and any special details to include. Contact me today.

My Art journey has supported me and my own personal grief immensely.

My colourful Art connects the viewer (and myself) to the unseen aspect of the self, the larger part if you like, the part that is an aspect of Light, All-that-is or Divine, call it what you will.

Art lifts my heart, and it can lift yours also. My Art journey has supported my personal healing journey through grief immensely.

You see my style, it includes lots of texture and layers, I'd love the create something personal for you.

Read more about how I can create a beautiful commissioned piece of Artwork with you personally in mind.

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Happy Customer

Stunningly beautiful piece of artwork with such lovely energy. I've hung above my desk and my flowers happen to coordinate.

Highly recommend Sue's artwork - beautiful and energetic too

Eco and Shipping Policies

The impact I have on my environment and on this beautiful planet is important to me. I reduce - reuse - recycle where I can, so those considerations also apply to the creation of my Art and the postal packaging.

I also like things straightforward, so I include Free postage for all original Art, within the UK in my prices.

Please check out my Shipping Policy in the Footer menu, and get in touch with any questions.