There are easy steps to Commissioning me to create your dream painting, something that is filled with love and lifts your heart.

Presumably, you've seen what else I create, so will have an idea of what you like of mine.

The secret here is communication, between us both.

Size: We explore the perfect size for your commissioned artwork.

Colour: Tell about your preferred colour pallet. Also, tell me if there is a no-go colour for you.

Style: What have you particularly liked of mine?

Agree: Pulling everything together, we can reach an agreement.

Secure your Slot: A 50% deposit guarantees your place in my schedule.

Final Payment: Once the Art is complete and final payment received, it will be dispatched to your door at no extra cost.

Between us, we can create something magical, Art that lifts your heart.

Why Sue?

My approach to commissions may be different to some other Artists.

I create Art that I love, it has to light me up in the creation of it.

That's why our conversations before we commit are so important.

There has to be some sort of connection between us. I create Art with my heart, and from my heart to yours.

Please, get in touch and let's have a natter about the possibilities.

Contact Sue