About Sue

A former Usui Reiki Master Teacher, multidisciplinary Wellness Practitioner, Teacher and Coach since 1995.  Sue Davies effortlessly blends the Magical with the Practical.

Sue has experienced many big changes in the last few years, culminating her retiring from teaching Reiki (after 23+ years) in the autumn of 2023.

Sue translates the energy of the unseen into stunning Art to inspire and uplift, a perfect joyous addition to your home or work space. Available as originals and prints. 

Sue Davies - creator of stunning Art infused with Reiki Healing Reiki, Author and Coach at www.SueDavies.co.uk

Hi, I'm Sue Davies

Thank you for stopping by, I truly appreciate you being here. 

Do you ever find yourself thinking I'll do that later.... not knowing when later will be?

Sometimes life gives us a kick up the bum and it's time for a big rethink.

Coping with the loss of 3 immediate family members (my mum, my brother and sister) in the midst of the UK pandemic challenges, tested me big time.

What a wake up call that was! Life is unpredictable.

The big question that kept ringing in my ears was 'If not now, when?' it was clearly the right time for changes, in all areas of my life!  

Art dabbles and self-healing

Over the years, I had dabbled in Art but kept thinking 'I'll do that later....', with no particular timescale in mind. I kept taking courses here and there and loved the creative process.

It was during that first lockdown period (my foot health care clinic was closed for only 4 weeks), when during the crazy of everything, I stopped and started to reassess my life.

Art as a healer

Immersing myself in Art during that initial lockdown, I realised how beneficial it was for my mental and emotional wellbeing.

Creating Art has supported me as I processed my grief and reconnected to the joy of life.

Unseen Energy into Art

With my background as an multidisciplinary energy practitioner, and connection with the unseen energy of healing and transformation became my inspiration for Art. 

Infusing my Art work with delicious healing energies.

  • Sue... comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping people develop themselves to be the best they can be.

  • One of the greatest gifts Sue has imparted to me is to focus on the positive and to put my energy into this.

  • Sue can see in people things they have often not realised in themselves.

Angels in my life

Angels have always been in my life, though I admit I have tried to block them out.

From a very early age I was aware of other energies around me. Light Beings, Guides and loving voices (Angels) that I didn't understand.

As a child I'd been told it was just my imagination and I had shut down for fear of further ridicule.

Much later in life, I received confirmation from many reputable sources that I wasn't losing my mind, and it wasn't my imaginings, I was in-tune with and connected to the unseen.

While processing my grief in 2021, I surrender and opened up fully to the light bodies and Angels all around me, what a joy!

My world is richer, life far my joyous and I at last truly feel that I know what I came here to do.

Angels fill my Studio as I paint and I am divinely guided.

My happy place

My garden Art Studio is my happy place. Surrounded by nature, I paint, write and meditate to the sound of birdsong and buzzy bees.

I live in the beautiful tranquil county of Shropshire, UK with Paul and our cat Max.

Life is now rich and very beautiful.


I celebrate 'different' in all its forms, the quirky of life and I love Steampunk.

All my life I've struggled with the written word and have developed some clever coping strategies. It was only in more recent years that I was diagnosed as dyslexic. I now see it as a superpower, and appreciate how my brain works differently.

I was delighted to be nominated in the Amazing Artist category of the 2023 Dyslexia Awards.