About Sue

Hello lovely.

I'm Sue, a northern girl who has lived all over the place and landed in Shrewsbury, Shropshire about 30 years ago, it's where I call home.

Art wise, I'd taken a few art courses over the years but kept thinking I'll do that later, with no real plan of when the 'later' would be.

Fast forward to 2020 to the Covid Pandemic, I took the opportunity to get my paints out and take some online art courses. I loved it!

During these pesky restrictions I also experienced the immense personal loss of 3 immediate family members in just 17 months. Immersing myself in Art together with my personal healing practice, helped me to find my centre whilst processing the grief. What a wake up call that loss was, life is unpredictable.

The big question that kept ringing in my ears at that time was 'If not now, when?' it was clearly the right time for changes, in all areas of my life!  

Love is the whole thing, we are only pieces - Rumi 

Sue Davies Artist, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK  at https://suedavies.co.uk

All change

I've stepped away from all my previous professional offerings. These included teaching Reiki for 23 years. Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer. EFT and Reflexology, Meditation and Mindfulness Practitioner to name a few.

Also, after 26 years I sold up my Chiropody practice. Very grounding but I'd had more my share of ingrowing toenails thanks.

Now, I combine my extensive experience of connecting to and working with energy of the unseen into my art.

Together with the whole manifesting and positive mindset thing, which is still HUGE in my life.

Also I have two Reiki Journals published, available to buy here.

It's Art that lifts my Heart all the way for me now.

Abstract and Energy

Abstract art is my thing, acrylics and hearts mostly, using the paint as an expression for unseen energy, that spark of Light that is each of us. Texture and shade represent life experiences. White, colour and gold symbolise our light, love and possibilities.

Ki, Chi, Prana, call it what you will, I believe that everything carries an energy. Creating Art both lifts MY Heart in its creation, and vibrates out joy, healing and positivity to the viewer and surroundings. 

Hearts and the Light

I keep coming back to Hearts in my Artwork, they seem to a message from the unseen.

Hearts are universal, their shape transcends language. Hearts represent love in so many forms to me. Be it friendship, family or romantic love. Hearts are Connection. Here's a link to my Blog on the topic.

The Light

From a very early age I was aware of other energies around me, all very loving. As a child I'd been told it was just my imagination and I shut down.

Later in life, I worked with several mediums and learnt how to tune in and channel my Guides, what a revelation that was.

In 2021, what with the grief of losing my brother, mum and sister, as well as all the crazy of the pandemic. It was all too much, I surrendered, opened my heart up fully to love and asked the Universe to take over.

What a joy! The more I let go, the more loved and supported I felt and still do.

That's when I got a clear message about my Art and how it was to lift and support others.

What I call the Light or Universe, others may call Great Spirit, God, Divine, Buddha or whatever. It's all the same loving Source. It is in and around everyone of us.

Then of course there's Reiki, it fills my Studio through my personal practice and flows constantly into my art.

My happy place

My Art Studio is in my back garden, its my happy place. Surrounded by nature, I paint and meditate to the sound of birdsong and buzzy bees.

I live in the beautiful tranquil county of Shropshire, UK with Paul and our cat Max.

Life is now rich and very beautiful.

Meditation, Reiki and my Spiritual connection is hugely important to me. Quietening my mind and connecting to something infinite. I feel my mind unscramble and my energy field is lovingly 'combed through'.

Channeling my Guides has become a regular practice for me.

Nature feeds my soul, be it in my own garden or out for a walk somewhere.

Sue Davies - creator of stunning Art to lift you Heart and Soul at https://suedavies.co.uk

I Celebrate Different.

Everyones has unique quirks, skills and preferences, do you show yours?

I'm dyslexic, it wasn't recognised when I was a school, we were simple called thick or stupid. I know I'm neither and have developed for myself, a vast selection of coping strategies.

Also, online tests show that I may well be on the Autistic spectrum. I'm ok with that.

My background (30 years) in all things energy, metaphysical and spiritual has set me apart from the usual, whatever that is. Hugely intuitive, I feel and notice things others don't and I chat with beings (of light) in the unseen.

Nothing is weird in my world :-). I celebrate quirky, unique and well, different.

I also love Steampunk.

  • Sue... comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience of helping people develop themselves to be the best they can be.

  • One of the greatest gifts Sue has imparted to me is to focus on the positive and to put my energy into this.

  • Sue can see in people things they have often not realised in themselves.