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Layers, and layers of Love

I usually don't know what a finished painting will look like until its finished. Rather, it emerges during the process.

I do though, have a colour combination and often a name in mind before I start.

There are many layers to my creation process, which can take some time. Drying time is needed between each stage. Weather, temperature and thickness of product will dictate drying time between layers. Also, sometimes I want to just sit with a piece and allow inspiration to rise, like bubbles.

Lots of people ask about my creation process, allow me to break it down for you here.

Layers, and layers of Love

Every piece of art starts with love. I always get myself into a good emotional place before I paint. I am a conduit for Love, so I and my energy is the first layer as I connect with the canvas. Holding it, observing it and seeing in my minds eye, the radiating beauty of the finished work.

Activating the canvas

There's a term in the artists community, called Activating the Canvas, where we will intuitively draw, scribble or write on the canvas, often with our dominant hand. It's a way of removing the vastness of white of a new canvas, and putting some loving intention down.  I will most often include some words of affirmation and hearts. If this is a Memorial piece or personal commission, I'll include some words of loving dedication.


This is where I'd apply my Artists paste for texture. Sometimes adding something like builders sand for added interest.  In the case of a Memorial commission, I can include a small amount of ashes to the mix.


Next is underpainting, where I'll cover the whole canvas in a rich acrylic colour. Often there can be tiny breaks or gaps in the gold leaf, having tiny flecks of colour peeking through is more rich and dynamic than white canvas.


I love the process of applying the gold leaf. It requires a calm demeanour and patience. I must add, that in my world perfection is not required. A few crinkles here and there simply add to the interest of the piece.


Some acrylic paints will activate an immediate tarnishing reaction with the gilding. To avoid that I apply a thin layer of varnish once the gilding size (glue) has fully dried.


I might do six to eight layers of colour to the piece in its creation.


Sometimes a artwork calls for extra embellishments; it may be little stars, hearts or even fragments of semi precious stones.


Even if a piece is due to be framed, I always paint the outside edges of the deep canvas. It finishes it off neatly, gives it a contemporary feel and that pleases me.

Signing and Script

I sign the front (and back) of my art, and often script the name, an affirmation, or dedication around the outside edge.

Final varnish

Once I am completely sure a piece is finished, I will give it a final one or two coats of varnish. This will protect it from dust, grime and uv damage.

Between each layer, I come back to love, my intention and the message that is conveyed with with piece

That's the creation process, next it's adding hanging hard wear, wrapping and packing. Also, photographing and listing on my website if its not a commission.

If you'd like to commission me to create you a piece of stunning Art to Lift Your Heart, with layers, and layers of love, please contact me today.

Sue xx

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As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background of over 3 decades of Personal and Spiritual growth practice.

Sue also worked in the health and well-being sectors for over 20 years.

Her experience as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach is still evident, mixed in with an abundance of her own life experiences.

Sue uses her Art as a point of connection between the human experience and The (all-loving) Universe*.

* Spirit, Energy, Light, God or whatever you want to call the loving energy that is all around us.