Creating Affirmations

There is a process, think a 'recipe' to making potent affirmations.

If you want to bake a cake you need certain ingredients for success.

Affirmations are short statements, that you can easily remember.

State in the positive

Focus on the positive outcome, of what you desire.

Our subconscious doesn't compute the negative. Saying something like I'm not late isn't a fit, whereas if we say I arrive on time, is stating clearly what you do want. 

You may think its semantics or one and the same thing, but with Affirmations the subtle difference matters.

The Universe is listening and responding to what we focus on. So if we are focusing on debt with our words, more debt will be our reality. 

State in the present 

We always bring the energy into the 'now' with our affirmations.  If we are saying I will have or will be, it is somewhere out in the future.

Instead, state I am now. If that feels too much or a stretch say I am becoming, meaning you've already started the journey.

Own it

Another aspect of Affirmations is owning it for ourselves.

It's not appropriate to affirm for someone else, what they create in their life is up to them. No matter how much with love or care for them, they create their own reality.

Affirmations are about us, as in Me or I, include your name if you like.

Believe it

Affirming that you own that shiny new Ferrari in your current life situation might be a bit too much of a leap at this point.  Yes, enjoy fantasising about driving that fabulous car if that what floats you boat, but Affirmations need to be believable.

Go in stages, the next stretch, achieve that then stretch again.

The practicalities of owning a Ferrari in your current life situation might not be a match. Would you use it for your daily work commute? Would it work for the school run?

Whereas if you've landed that fabulous job with secure parking and the car would fit your lifestyle, then go for it. Yellow or Red, what's your preference?

If it's not totally believable and congruent, and in energetic alignment with you at present, reword it.

Bringing this all together with Gratitude.

Gratitude, in anticipation is the fastest way to magnetise thing to you.

Declaring your Affirmations with joy and an attitude of gratitude. Knowing that what you have stated is on its way. Like putting in an order with the great Universal Catalogue, you place your order; size, colour, specifics etc and know that it's on its way to you - Yay!!

Have fun!

The energy of manifesting and affirmations is fun and joyous.

Be light, feel excitement. Like a child going on a birthday outing to their favourite place.

Affirmations need not be anything grand. The ones I have used as Titles for my Art  in the Affirmations Collection are short, and very effective.  

Would you like me to create you a bespoke piece of Art? Please get in touch and ask me about Commissions.

Sue xx


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