Memorial Art

Unique Memorial Art is available for you from Sue. A beautiful personalised way to remember a loved one and can assist greatly in the grieving process.

As you can see from Sue's personal Art style, she loves texture. This base tactile layer is usually created from mixing some Artist Paste with builders sand, from the DIY store.  In creating a very personalised Memorial Artwork for you, Sue can add a some of your loved ones ashes (just a teaspoon or two) to this textured mix if you have them.

The ashes and the Memorial Art creation process is always treated with the upmost respect, care and consideration.

This Memorial Art option is available for human or animals, after all they're family too.  Prints may be available for other family members to purchase.

Please contact Sue to discuss the option of her creating a beautiful and unique Memorial Painting in memory of your loved one.

She will ask you the following questions -

  • Which of her Art pieces you are most drawn to.
  • Colour preferences.
  • Preferred size of Artwork.

In conversation together, you can work out something that is a perfect fitting tribute to your loved one and is of comfort to you in dealing with this loss.

Don't have any ashes? How about a garment like a favourite shirt for texture?

Memorial Art is only available to UK customers.