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We can't pour from an empty cup, remember to top-up yours

Sue Davies

Life is busy I get it. There’s so much to do. That to-do list never seems to get any shorter. But let me ask you, when did you last fill your cup?

And I mean really fill it? Take time away from commitments, remove the hustle and bustle, unplug and recharge?

We are a Spiritual being having a human experience.

Our Spiritual being struggles with the constant 'noise' of this earthly experience and it needs opportunities to recalibrate regularly. We cannot 'hear' the wisdom and guidance coming through to us is we are always distracted with busy stuff.

Our human body isn't designed to be stimulated 24/7. Yes, it theres an emergency we can muster super human strength and drive ourselves on through a crisis. But at some point our body will demand we stop. It's best not getting to that burnout stage.

Feeling appreciated

We feel good when we are appreciated, helping others or delivering a job-well-done.

Feeling valued by others can be rewarding both ways, but not if its depleting our reserves. We cannot serve others if we are depleted or running on empty.

Every cup has a capacity, and it's our responsibility to look after ourselves and refill our own cup.

We can't pour from an empty cup, remember to top up yours

Turn off and top up

When did you last take time out for your own rest and renewal?

Unplug and take yourself away somewhere. Leave to to-do list behind and listen to your Soul.

"I can see the Sea"

My restorative place is by the sea. 

Whatever the season or weather. I don’t care whether it’s summer or winter, wet and blowy or hot and bright. I just need to be near the sea, to smell it and love the sight of it. I even don’t have to be in or on it to enjoy the benefit, thought I do love a paddle.

I've lived right by the sea a few times in my life, in the UK, Channel Islands and in Australia. I miss it here in Shropshire, but this county has other benefits.

The sea will have her way with us, she is immense powerful ask any fisherman. Her vastness and strength commands enormous respect.

The sea is also hugely restorative, something to do with the negative ions given off  I gather. (I don't need to know the science, google it if you like.)


The Spiritual benefits of taking time out are enormous.

For me personally, I come home feeling like I'm plugged into the mains! My connection to Source is fine-tuned and so much stronger. Channelling is clearer and my Intuition heightened. I am aligned with Source.

Colours are brighter, sounds sweeter, flavours are more delicious. Feeling the joy of listening to bird song, connecting with nature and it's natural rhythms of life.

And my own internal guidance is ramped up loud and clear. My Inner Knowing part, it's in my gut. That where I feel is something is correct for me or not.

Added to this a Physical benefits are amazing. Feeling physically refreshed and restored.

I am a Spiritual being having a Physical experience, it serves my Soul to look after her (my body).

Can't get away?

I fully appreciate that not everyone can get away when they feel the need.

Instead, do what you can to get adequate rest/sleep, fresh air and nutritious food. That will help to restore your nervous system and promote natural healing. Carving out some time in everyday (it's easier when it's a habit) to appreciate some quiet, meditation or peaceful reflection time will help support you.

That's why I create the Art I do. Each piece is infused with peaceful Channelled energy, healing vibes and is an invitation to connect to the Light. It is Art to Lift Your Heart, perfect for both your home and workplace.

Love to you

Sue x

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Sue Davies Art

As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background of over 3 decades of Personal and Spiritual growth practice.

Sue also worked in the health and well-being sectors for over 20 years.

Her experience as a Life, Business and Law of Attraction Coach is still evident, mixed in with an abundance of her own life experiences.

Sue uses her Art as a point of connection between the human experience and The (all-loving) Universe*.

* Spirit, Energy, Light, God or whatever you want to call the loving energy that is all around us.