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Gold Affirmations Collection

Sue Davies

I love the reflective aspect of Gold Leaf.

There are two main inspirations for this Gold Affirmations Collection.

  1. Affirmations are a powerful tool for developing a positive mindset, releasing the mental chains of the past and limited thinking. Read more about Affirmations here
  2. We each have a Light within us, within all of us, that connects us. Connecting to the Light (flow) is a major theme in my Art.  Read more about our connection to the Light here

The Gold Leaf perfectly represents the Light that is within each of us. That Light that often gets dimmed with life's stresses and challenges.

Gold Leaf

I have to confess that Gold Leaf is a very tricky medium to work with, for all sorts of reasons. I had to scrap the first few canvases I did as the leaf tarnished badly in the cold of on garden studio.

The leaf tends to crinkle easily. Frustrating is you're looking for perfection. 

It also tears incredibly easily, so one tiny slip and it is in bits.


I quickly realised that at the burnishing stage (brushing away loose edges of leaf), it can reveal the colour of the canvas underneath.  This is one of the reasons why I paint the canvas prior to applying the leaf.

I choose a colour that will correspond with the colours to be used in the Art work, so little chinks of colour will show through tiny tears or gaps in the leaf.

Patience and Calm

Applying Gold leaf is not something to attempt if feeling impatient or stressed. It, by nature of the process, is a very calming exercise. The exercise demands me to be calm and centred. 

Showing the Gold through the Heart

I deliberately leave some of the gold showing through the painted heart in my Gold Affirmations Collection. This is to represent space in our hearts for more to enter. 

If we have closed our hearts, we cannot give and receive love. The gaps allow the Light in.


If you're looking for perfection, my art isn't for you. I celebrate so called imperfections.

Life isn't perfect. None of us are perfect.

There are tears and creases in the Gold Leaf - beautiful.

If you look closely, you can see where I've varnished the piece. It's an original hand-painted artwork, not a computer generated image.


Have you ever tried to photograph Gold Leaf Art?  Crikey it's tricky.  Direct refections as well as it picking up a colour of something nearby.

So sorry, the photos aren't as good as I'd like. These are more in-person works. Totally unique one-offs!


Several of the art works in this Gold Affirmations Collection, has extra texture applied before the coloured underpainting. For the fun of it.


Would you like me to create something bespoke for you with Gold Leaf? Please get in touch and we can chat about a Commission.



Sue xx

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As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background of over 3 decades of Personal and Spiritual growth practice.

Sue also worked in the health and well-being sectors for over 20 years.

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