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Be part of an Art Exhibition or Not? Or something else?

Sue Davies

Having your Art accepted into an open exhibition is a thrill for sure, but is it a good fit for the Artist or the Art. 

Let's look at the Pro and Cons of being part of an open Exhibition, then I'll tell you my conclusion. 


There are many benefits to being art of an Art Exhibition, there include:

Kudos. As an Artist, it feels good to be accepted by the establishment.

Exposure. It's an opportunity to reach people that your Art might not otherwise reach. Both with people visiting the Exhibition and the people the Exhibition Host has access to (their newsletter list etc). 

Publicity. There are a whole raft of possibilities here, to promote the Art and Artist, by sharing photos and to piggy-back on the promotion of the event.

Sales. The host processes the sale of the Art, and collection of the art is between the buyer and the venue. There are downsides attached to this, see below.

Details. Viewers can get close up to the Art. They can see the texture, brushstrokes and details in the flesh as it were.

VIP Event. If you're fortunate to receive an invite to an Opening/VIP Event and the Artist is able to attend (diaries don't always coordinate). You can meet the Artist in person and find out more about the art work.


Backstory. In an exhibition there isn't usually an option to explain the backstory of a piece. Every artwork has a backstory, some more significant than others. What is the Artist process? The inspiration or journey to creating that work. 

All of my works has a significant inspiration, it may be a song, a piece of poetry or an emotion. I add each work to my website, with details of the Inspiration and process.

Placement. We Artists don't (usually) have any say in where or Art is located in an open Exhibition, that is up to the curator. Is the lighting adequate? Is the Art at a viewable height?

My Art is created with reflective elements which need to catch the light, they are best viewed at (sort of) eye level.

Sales. The Artist doesn't receive contact details of a buyer, right and proper from a Data protection perspective. Also, Collectors cannot take the Art home until the end of the Exhibition, not very convenient for those away-from-home.

I like to connect with my customers, receive feedback from them, what do they particularly like in the art and hopefully, maintain a relationship with them. When they buy from me directly there is more of a personal connection between us.


My Art is created with Love, it has an emotional connection that gets lost in an Open Exhibition. 

Something Else

In the spirit of authenticity I am being more public about my spiritual self, connection to the unseen and nature, and all those influences upon my Art.

I've four Open Studio weekends, something I enjoyed immensely. This Opening my Studio to the public option works for me, it's the best of both worlds and lifts my heart. The location, my Art and myself are all in alignment and my Art sings there.

  • As part of the Shrewsbury Open Studios so enjoy sharing promotion opportunities with them.
  • I get to choose the opening hours etc.
  • My beautiful Art is displayed in my bright, light garden Studio.
  • Visitors/Collectors can engage and connect with me personally.
  • All art can be seen close up and you can discover first hand, the inspiration for each art work.
  • Collectors can take the art away with them immediately. 
  • This option supports my authentic self and true message in my Art.
  • Most importantly, the art works are in the highest vibration possible, whilst waiting for their new home.

Will I contribute to any future Open Exhibitions?  Hmmm, possibly not but I never say never. 

All are welcome to my Open Studio Days on July 13/14th, August 10/11th, November 23rd/24th and other dates by arrangement.

Sue xx

p.s. Arrange to visit me in my Studio, it would be wonderful to meet you.

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Great awareness Jill. That direct connection with you and the ponies is so important to those that visit the herd. When we are in total alignment with the situation we bring through an extra dimension energy wise. xxx

Sue Davies

I feel the same way about the service I now offer (eek!) with our darling herd. Our stories need to be heard (no pun!) and our hearts need to be open and authentic. Only then can others enjoy and understand the full experience xxx

Jill Higginson

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As an Artist, Sue draws upon her background of over 3 decades of Personal and Spiritual growth practice.

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